SSLC specializes in rocket propulsion components for pressure-fed launch vehicles, including all-composite pressure
vessels that have application for spacecraft and rockets as well as many other non-aerospace applications that
demand lightweight and very robust pressure vessels.

SSLC has sold its PRESSURMAXX cryogenic pressure vessels to over 20 commercial aerospace customers.

We are a qualified supplier to aerospace & defense companies.

We have consistently attained supplier performance ratings at highest levels.

We employ truly innovative, award winning technology, widely recognized throughout the aerospace industry.

For customers seeking a broader system solution, such as launching specific payloads into space, we offer full
turnkey launch and mission engineering/system design solutions tailored to your concept at the most affordable price
in the market. Our sister company, Microcosm, Inc., specializes in reducing space mission cost, and can provide end-
to-end mission support.

We are located in the heart of the Los Angeles area, 30 minutes from LAX airport, and can rapidly ship products to any
location in the U.S. Some of our products are export controlled, and must have proper ITAR licensing, and others are
available as non-export controlled items. Please inquire regarding export restrictions for specific products of interest.

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