High Pressure Vessel

We offer our comprehensive, full product life cycle expertise in the design, analysis, and fabrication of both all-composite and composite over-wrapped pressure vessels, which stems from our work in the rocket-aerospace and energy sectors. These advanced capabilities are available for aerospace and non-aerospace activities, as they are particularly well suited for all pressure vessel implementation programs. We can build highly cost effective, ultra light, liner-less vessels for a wide range of applications with particular advantages for the storage or transportation of cryogenics and high pressure requirements for various gases and liquids, including liquid oxygen.


Scorpius® vehicles are changing the face of domestic launch services in the United States. They are providing dramatically lower cost launch capacity for commercial, military, civil, and science payloads. The combination of pressure fed propulsion, low cost engines, and a complete break away from traditional manufacturing approaches puts the Scorpius® family of launch vehicles into their own superior cost performance league.



LEO Payload (100 nmi)

SR-M Suborbital

In Production

(Apogee 200 nmi.)


In Preparation for Production

1060 lbs.


In Design, Concept Complete

4200 lbs.


Preliminary Design

19700 lbs.

Space Freighter

Future Development

33700 lbs.


We manufacture components and systems and adapt them for your specific needs. Our technologies are also utilized in non-aerospace advanced industrial applications.

Please contact our manufacturing management for availability and pricing of these products.

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We offer one-stop solutions, from mission engineering to payload adaptation to insertion to orbit, and every step in between. We will help you plan and execute, and we deliver – literally! We conduct the launch operations and deliver your payload at a time and in a condition to a domain that you helped define. Our services include preliminary and final mission design reviews, interface control verifications, safety reviews and pre- and post campaign activity reviews. For more details, please contact our mission management


In cooperation with Microcosm Space Systems Division, which has enjoyed an international reputation for doing space mission engineering for over 15 years, Scorpius Space Launch Company is offering turn-key solutions for your payload delivery requirements. We take your mission concept and convert it to an executable space launch for a successful delivery of your payload.

Our services cover missions ranging from sub-orbital rockets up to and including delivery to the Moon and Mars surface. We can engineer responsive payload deliveries for a wide range of orbits and a variety of payload requirements. Those may include disaster monitoring, satellite deliveries, space station up-mass, DoD missions, target vehicles, etc. We also offer specialized expertise in innovative space mission design. Our particular launch capabilities for low-cost small payloads are uniquely suited to support national objectives. Contact our mission management for more information.